Calvin Chase

Calvin E. Chase

Chase Construction Inc., President

Mr. Chase founded Chase Construction, Inc. in the year 2000 after becoming a State of Florida certified “Class A” licensed contract in 1999.

Mr. Chase’s experience in the construction field began in 1985 when he arrived in SW Florida at the age of 24 (when he became an apprentice carpenter). Mr. Chase’s experience began with boat building and evolved through essentially all aspects of carpentry. In addition to carpentry, his hands-on-experience includes concrete construction and work within other trades.

Mr. Chase is a leader who thrives on competition. In addition to construction experience, Calvin is a 5th degree black belt in the martial arts. Calvin has been competitive in the martial arts as well as business.

In 1985 Mr. Chase was an Apprentice Carpenter, in 1987 he became a Lead Carpenter, in 1992 he became a Job Foreman and by 1995 he became a construction superintendent responsible for all aspects of construction and supervision of all of his then employers superintendents.

As a construction superintendent/manager Mr. Chase took on essentially all responsibilities construction and construction management. It was Calvin’s responsibility to manage and coordinate; the construction processes, field supervision personnel, scheduling, zoning and building code compliance, and most importantly Calvin had responsibility for the orchestration of people and processes.

Throughout Mr. Chase’s career he has developed and maintained relationships with everyone from field laborers to city officials (and everyone in between). Mr. Chase is and has been actively involved within the community and within various civic organizations.

Calvin’s evolution from employee to employer has been obvious to his friends, peers and the people he has served.


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